they stare at each other
– why are you helping me like this?
before she can reply, he continues
– it’s not as if I’m not grateful
it’s just that I don’t quite understand
I mean, you don’t know anything about me
& yet you’ve taken me in, fed me
you’re driving me around … why?

– I guess … you just need help
it seems the least that I can do

– But why you?
why is it your problem?
I think your Uncle Bob
assumed that I was kind of
like your boyfriend
but there’s nothing like that, is there?

– No, of course not
it’s not that
I don’t even think about you that way
I haven’t had a boyfriend for
well, it seems like ages
or a girlfriend either
before you look at me that way

– What way? I don’t understand

– Never mind
that wasn’t really fair
let me ask you a question, then
since we’re being honest with each other
what happens if you find this school
you’re looking for?
what will you do then?
bye Annie, thanks for your all your help

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