Park at Spencers Bay (past Port Jackson) – scruffy tents and loos – Path up the green hill past the ragtag campers – lovely swimming beach (almost deserted) ten minutes away – Sign

To Poley Bay (1 hr)

It seems just over the hill – Up top the bare sheep-nibbled slope – Past the bitten chimney sloping to one side a sheep crouched in its shade – Past the sandy hollow– up & up – After ½ hour another sign

Poley Bay 30 minutes)

Breathtaking viewpoint – Green rocky bay below with white yacht scudding past – Stop there for lunch (two tracks heading to bush-clad point) – “It’s the mixture of gorse and native bush that gives it its character” – On on & then descend into native bush – down & down & down – through glens & thickets streams & fords fronds ferns – until the river – one more sign

Poley Bay 1 minute
Lookout Pt one hour
Stoney Bay 3 hrs)

Poley Bay is rocks swirling around a shelf of gravel – driftwood caves – No sign of habitation – anything – A little stacked square of sticks stands as if for a fire – Possum/ rat trap a few metres away

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