Session 9 (14/9 – 8.37 a.m.):

– Are you okay?
the voice comes into focus
with the rest of his surroundings
black to red to green to blinding dazzle
he opens his eyes, revealing them to the sun
there’s something gritty under his back
blue & white & yellow
his head is tilted back
he doesn’t appear to be wearing … anything
he’s on a beach

Looking up, he half expects to see the girl
that blonde metallic girl
but it isn’t her
the face leaning over his is dark
dark hair, bronze sun-tanned skin
it seems to hold concern for him
her voice sounds earnest

Nausicäa, he thinks
I’m on that beach
Odysseus, washed up by the sea
tired out by battling waves along the rock-bound coast
but Odysseus burst out on the princess & her waiting-women
as they washed their clothes in the river
holding a bush to hide his private parts
he didn’t come to
like this, naked, alone
wake up all alone in this burning salt world

Where am I? he croaks
all the clichés here, he thinks
the next thing I’ll be asking to be taken to her leader
or she’ll be giving me instructions
on how to reach the royal halls unchallenged

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