Session 21 (28/9 – 8.25 a.m.):

– So how much of all that was real?
Annie, once more fully-dressed
has shaken him awake
in the cold wet light of the morning after
the clothes she’s holding aren’t his
but fit him not too badly

– How much of what?
– I dunno
when that old guy was talking
I seemed to be able to see the things he was talking about
the islands, the volcanic eruption, the great wave

– Let’s go
let’s get out of here
she seems reluctant to talk
here at any rate

The walk home is largely silent
as they reach the house
she turns to him & says
– I’m going to have a shower
got to wash this foul
stuff off

He observes with a shudder
that her nails are caked black
dirt, mould, corruption?
those red stains on her body
are they wine, or blood?

What’s held there
cupped inside her hand
he neither sees nor knows

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