Session 19 (25/9 – 8.47 a.m.):

– There’s a thing tonight I have to go to
you don’t need to wait up
– can’t I come, too?
– no … at least
do you want to?
I mean, go out, see people?
– d’you think they’d mind?
– nah, not at all
the more the merrier
it’s just
some people think it’s kind of weird
it’s like a … study group, I guess
or a kind of ritual thing
– like a church?
– yeah, I guess
a bit
but not Christian, you know
or any religion like that
it’s sort of …
people would call it New Age, I guess
kind of like tuning in on the planet’s energies
I don’t know that much about it
but I like to go along sometimes

– I won’t come if you think I’ll be in the way
or you’d rather … you know
be alone
I mean, you must get tired of having me around
– no, what gave you that idea!
it’s nice to have company
you know, I was kind of lonely here
I mean, I didn’t realize it at the time
but now that you’ve been here a while, I …
it’s more that I thought you might find it

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