tela laughed she could see her new found friend would not be satisfied with anything less than the truth had she in truth ever before been able to speak to someone unguardedly without calculating the percentages

a friend of mine lives nearby hell help us im sure the main thing is to get you out of those clothes and out of sight

sabra had not seemed at all shocked by telas story beyond nodding her head once or twice when the other girl talked about her uncle her fear of him her suspicions about what he was after shed contented herself with stroking a ginger cat whod come stalking up to sit beside them now as the cat preened and reared to have his ears scratched she took things in hand once again

i guess i should go back theyll have noticed im gone by now

go back like that they wont believe you even if you find a guard who recognises you youll be beaten within a inch of your life i bet

i wont get beaten im never beaten im the princess

theyll beat you this time princess dont you see what youve done if you disappear now theyve got the perfect pretext no id lie low for a bit before you even think about getting back inside

tela couldnt deny the logic of sabras argument it was not a view of the matter shed ever have taken herself but now she began to see how little interest her uncle really had in her continued presence her only defence till now had been the eyes of the court now outside their jurisdiction she would have to be more cunning than ever before if she was to survive

black & blonde & ginger
calculating – [threading] – the deep well

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