difficult if you got talking to anyone
to explain

– I could just say I was your cousin or something
say that I come from somewhere nearby
best not to lie
I mean, not normally, perhaps
but at these things we try to tell the truth
& act … you know … correctly
I think that if anyone asks
you ought to tell them
or at the very least say
that you can’t say anything
– sounds like I’ll be the hit of the party
– it’s not a party, that’s the point
it’s quite a serious thing
– I’m sorry
I just thought
maybe there’ll be someone there I know
that I knew before
– no, you’re right
I’m being selfish
you definitely ought to come along

– What should I wear?
she laughs
– oh, you don’t need any special clothes
just what you’ve got on’ll be all right
those old clothes of Mickey’s
that’s the thing, you see
we’ll all be naked

We’ll all be naked – best to tell the truth
no matter how unpalatable, unsatisfactory
stasis – impotence – paralysis
of memory

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