thats the last thing that theyll think all this is crazy if you like this school these rituals the cave theyre all directed at one thing remember that prophecy they talk about the cataclysm if its coming youre going to feel it

do you think thats why we came here

who can say if you believe in that stuff i just think that the earthquakes do seem to be getting worse and who knows where theyll end i cant see all this helping but having you as an early warning device cant do any harm have you noticed those little cage birds people keep around the city the lemurs in the cages over there thats why we keep them but they cant say anything they just look a little sick sometimes before the shock comes you can tell us how you feel

do you think im strange

of course thats why i love you youre a princess im a slumgirl

fisher girl

the strange thing is we ever met at all

im glad we did

som i

the two smiled at each other shyly till tela dropped her eyes she couldnt describe or explain exactly how she felt she only knew that it was a little like her sickness like vertigo and yet this seemed like something she welcomed a sense of the quickening life within her

its safer here among the trees

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