Session 15 (21/9 – 8.45 a.m.):

– I know, I know
It may not even be there
I mean
most of what I remember from … before
is dreams
what if that was just another dream?
what if I’m not from here at all?
what if I was just visiting
or I’ve erased six months
between that last day & now?
there’s no way of knowing
only … I get flashes from time to time
like, I look at this coffee cup
& I kind of see another one
or a whole series of them
a kind of summary of all the coffee cups
I ever came across
that’s not a very good example
It’s like déjà vu
it never translates into an actual memory
but I feel there’s a kind of history
to what I’m doing
I don’t feel like a baby in the world
I feel kind of like a computer that’s been restarted
without a whole bunch of files
the individuality software

– Man, that’s weird
it really is
I mean
I don’t know anything about amnesia
nothing beyond watching TV shows & things
but there must be doctors
who could help you with that?

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