better than I ever did anyway
I didn’t really know her too well
till she shifted out here, in fact
just Christmas, that kind of thing
It was only after her Dad & Mickey died
that she gave up living in the city, moved out here
It was cheaper, she said
but I guess the main thing was to get away from it all
all those bad memories
I know a few fellas around here
& I helped her get set up in this little place

he surveys the malodorous dwelling with pride

– Me own place is up over the hill
not too near by, I got sense enough not to crowd her
family’s one thing, but living on top of each other’s another
I come on down maybe once a fortnight, once a week
& sometimes she comes up to see me at my place
it’s a bit more bush than this, mind you
maybe you’ll come up with Annie, check it out?

The old man stays on a bit longer
then, as it becomes increasingly apparent
that Annie will not be back anytime soon
announces he had more errands to run
& buggers off

Left alone in the house
he feels more restless than before
what is he doing here?
how did he get on that beach?
maybe he should just go, walk out
hitchhike to the nearest town
wherever that is
walk around until he sees something familiar
finds a friendly face?

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