he hopes devoutly the door is locked

– Ah gidday
I was looking for Annie, you know
the gennie’s gone bust again
I didn’t know she had company
or I’d a knocked some more before coming busting in
a pause
it’s evident something’s expected at this point

– She’s gone to work
A couple of hours ago
She said she’d be back for lunch
– Lunch, eh? That can’t be too far off
you don’t mind if I wait?
there’s a couple of things I got to talk over with her, ya know
& I was kind of counting on catching up with her this morning
maybe you can rustle us up a cup of tea?

No I’d prefer to be left alone
hardly seems a possible reply
& before long he finds himself searching through cupboards
trying to find the makings of a pot of tea
the kitchen, like the rest of this house
is a little dilapidated & overgrown
with odd utensils & drifts of packages
but contains a reasonable supply of fresh milk
bread, biscuits, vegetables
he feels guilty at going through her things like this
but it seems better than the alternative
leaving the neighbour to conduct a search
who is he, anyway? A friend, an older relative?
an uncle, it appears
when tea is poured & conversation resumes
uncle Bill

– Yeah, I guess I’m the only family she’s got left now

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